by Grant Sharkey



ABOUT SERIOUSLY?!: Just me and my double bass. No genre as such - these songs are slower and less 'in your face' than my work with Toupé - although there are a couple of Toupé album tracks re-arranged for this recording.

I've only just found about West African Griots - but I've just realised it's what I've spent most of my musical life doing. Reacting, recounting, remembering with humour and song.

BONUS: I've also included a PDF of my 2011 screen novel, SQUISH. A story I wrote about a little girl trying to find her place in the universe and vice versa.


Print it off, pass it around. GS.


released June 6, 2012

Grant Sharkey - double bass, vocals.

Alex McDougall - engineer, mix, master.

All songs written by Grant Sharkey.
Cover painting "Fish Tank" by GS.




Grant Sharkey UK

No agents, no PR goons, no record company. Seeing how far me and my double bass will get in 20 years.

On a mission to release an album every 6 months between 2013 and 2033. 5 down, 35 to go.

RELEASE: 1st May and 5th November every year.
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Track Name: My Role In The Arab Spring
I was ill with the gastric flu when I heard the news that the Pharaoh was going to fall/Sat on the bog I read the facebook blogs - Egypt's rallying call (GO SLAVES!)/I pressed 'Like' to show my support for democracy's plight/But sat there in my rancid air, something inside me just didn't feel right.

(It wasn't the flu...that just made me poo)

Is this the path of human evolution? To save me from wiping before I join a revolution/Whilst people were dying, I thought I had done my bit/But all I did was like a f**king facebook reality I hadn't done sh*t.

(Except for the obvious one in this story)

I make a pledge I'm going to think before I like it.
A new experience I swear I'm going to try it first.
Everyone's liking and nobody's loving it!

(which makes us collectively weak)

So if a cat looks like Hitler, LIKE IT.
If they're raping the NHS, GET OFF YOUR ASS!
If your friend's mum looks hot in a picture, LIKE IT!
Global human rights? GET OFF YOUR ASS!

Track Name: The Bathysphere Song
A tale of sorrow - a tale of woe.
A submariner by the name of Beau,
Sinking deeper in his diving bell,
Singing his song to the guts of hell.

"I keep on going down...there's no-one here in my Bathysphere."

Across the sea in the town of Hurley,
Beau's best friend Big Man Curly,
Know's just where his friend has gone,
And leads his friends in their terrible song,

"Yo ho - old Beau - at the bottom of the sea,
On his own - self inflicted solitary
We all know - that he's never coming home,
With deep regret - we know we've got to let him go"

"I keep on going down...there's no-one here in my Bathysphere and it smells like hell in my diving bell...but I keep on going down."

Two boys, three dogs and one little girl,
Lost their daddy to a diving bell,
He wanted to see what's beneath that foam,
His soul can't be blamed for wanting to roam.

"I keep on going down..."
Track Name: The Lunatic's Protest
Soaring high, like 100,000 Eagles in the sky - arms aloft, singing so hard that they could cry, "It's such a beautiful day!" - Especially if they get a buck for every ticket sold today. They'll take your dignity and punch it up your ass...and you'll be singing all the way.

I heard there's an asteroid tumbling through space, on a collision course with the middle of your face, if we wear enough wristbands a miracle will take place and show us mercy for your grace.

A little girl dies of hunger in the 21st Century,
Her last words were "My sacrifice was for productivity...go me!"

I want to live on the moon, this place is running out of room, there's not enough food, there's not enough air and things go bad when we have to share with those poor f*ckers we've sentenced to their doom.

I wanna live on the moon!

(I'm going to live on the moon, I'm taking all the good drum beats to the moon)
Track Name: Future Dick
In the year 3013,
On an episode of something like Time Time,
They'll be digging a hole to find a story untold,
(And I'll be in trouble)
They'll find a bag made of polythene,
On the side it's addressed to Grant Sharkey
Inside, they'll find chunks of polystyrene,
A sight so obscene they puke everywhere.

And they'll surmise that I am an asshole brimming with spite,
For the future of humanity...but that's just not me (so in my defence)

I bought a brand new washing machine,
To help the economy and to get my stinking clothes clean,
I unwrapped it with glee,
Plumbed it in with a squee...and started my washing,
Around my feet polystyrene and bubble wrap,
I bagged it up and threw it out with the other crap,
I didn't think it through,
I didn't know what to I panicked.

In the future they'll paint a picture of me,
Killing the planet deliberately,
Robot Tony Robinson will call me a dick,
And the other robots will agree and called me a Dick.

I ordered a washing machine not a f*cking dilemma.
Track Name: Lullaby for Baxter
The guys in the Space Station are singing a song, that goes "It's nice to be up here above the left, right and wrong. And we'll whisper it quietly when we pass over head so we don't wake you up down there sleeping in bed.

"Your mum and your dad were talking last night,
And promised each other that they'll do what's right,
To make you good strong and happy on the station some day,
and when you pass over head, we'll wave."

Up in the space station singing your song, that goes: "It's nice to be up here with my dad and my mum. If we get sleepy we'll smile and we'll yawn and we'll orbit again until dawn."

If we get sleep we'll smile and we'll yawn and we'll orbit again until dawn.