9​/​40: Radical You! (vol​.​1)

by Grant Sharkey

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In a year when everything seems a little impossible to understand for any compassionate person - it's time to get radical.

RADICAL YOU! Vols 1&2 are training manuals to express why certain actions and directions are necessary and fundamental to saving the human race, the planet and, most importantly, our dignity.

With songs, collaboration and interviews with some of the top people in their fields, RADICAL YOU set Grant on a mission to become the ultimate threat to a draconian, climate-change denying regime of populism - self-regulating, self-sustaining, self-respecting.

RADICAL YOU (Vol. 2) is out on November the 5th 2017.


released May 1, 2017

All Songs Written by Grant Sharkey

BIOCHEMICLUSTERFUCK - written by GS and FireFarm, BIOCHEMICLUSTERFUCK and the 'lessons' were recorded at FireFarm studios Jan-Apr 2017.

PENCILS! Written by GS and Toupé (Dan Parkinson and Jason Havelock) - recorded Jun/Jul 2016. Originally released on 'Evans' Scent' by Toupé in Aug 2016.

EVERYTHING'S FINE - solo performed by Looptron. Recorded by Dan O'Farrell at Dan's Magic Shed Complex, Southampton and at Looptron HQ, London.

Everything else recorded by Dan Parkinson at Wooden Heart Studios, Andover 8/9 April 2017. Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Dan Parkinson.




Grant Sharkey UK

No agents, no PR goons, no record company. Seeing how far me and my double bass will get in 20 years.

On a mission to release an album every 6 months between 2013 and 2033. 5 down, 35 to go.

RELEASE: 1st May and 5th November every year.
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Track Name: RADICAL YOU! (Theme Song)
If you’re slightly terrified of the fascist fuckers on the rise
Don’t sit around and boo-hoo-hoo – it’s time for radical you!
You may be feeling useless and your protesting may seem quite fruitless
Come with us – there’s loads to do – it’s time for radical you!

When the lies are flying all everywhere
And tempers and tensions begin to flare
Hold on to your sanity
By trying extreme rationality

Generate your own energy. Share food with your community,
You might make yourself a friend or two, because you’re Radical You!
If ‘they’ need your fear and bile, just say ‘fuck you!’ but say it with a smile!
They’ll be impressed and a little confused.
It’s time for RADICAL YOU!
Long before middle management, long before kings and coins,
Our mistress was a fizzing brain and tingly-zingly loins,
Our struggle for survival was rewarded with biochemical ecstasay,
Buzzing, blissed-out, snarling and gurning: to protect our DNA,
We competed to eat. The need to breed.
For feed. For seed. We’d war. We’d bleed.
Rewarded to prosper and thrive.
Rewarded to simply stay alive.
As we grew up, dancing with our addiction,
We built a society that denied it – and now we’re conflicted.
Once to keep us alive,
Now not so much, stuck in traffic, on the M25.


Donuts, donuts, everywhere – all for us to eat,
Carbohydrates, fat, salt and sugar – inspire neurological treats.
We used to crave these goodies from a time when energy was tricky to be found
That energy now is as cheap as chips, and we’re all putting on the pounds.


Village green. Sunday. Sunday. A cricket match takes place.
Gentle summer. Civility. Cucumber sandwich smiles on faces.
Dr. Langman is at the wicket – as he musters up all of his might,
He knocks that troublesome seamer for six to win the match. The fight.


Now we arrive at the Holy Quest – the drive to reproduce
It twitches, itches in our veins – it is the essence of our juice,
Our flesh, our skin, find ancient meaning – the day our fruit is ripe,
Dancing in devoted dreaming – to the tune of Pan’s playful pipes.
We stiffen. We slicken. Cavorting and engorging,
Teasing and pleasing. Heavy breathing, increasing.
Slurping and licking. Plunging and flicking.
Shunting and grunting. The beast/the goddess – one and the same.
Track Name: Call That A Master Race?!
I guess you’ve prob’bly heard of the Alternative Right:
Men who are definted by all the things they don’t like,
Women, gays and muslims seem to give them a fright,
Make them shiver at night (even if they are white)

They love to talk all day about the things that they hate,
Maybe that’s the reason why they can’t get a date,
Caught up in a spiral of perpetual rage,
They’re not getting laid (unless the victim is paid)

Ugly, ugly, ugly fellas inside and out,
I’m gonna take some time right now to help these guys out,
Now, I’m no Cassanova but I’ve been about,
There’s no need to pout or grizzle or shout

You need sex and women with taste
If you’re gonna make babies to build a master race,
I find people wanna kiss my balls and face
When I’m compassionate and funny and playing a bass!

I didn’t go to college – haven’t got a degree
The letters after my name are E, A, D and G,
I suggest you try and be a little like me,
Bootsy and Lemmy – then you will see.

Something happens to the world when a bass is played,
Magic travels through the air and into our brains,
Before you even know it your hips start to sway,
And then you’re enslaved to the bassline you crave

Bow down to your superiors,
We rule with funk – not fear and mayhem,
You want peeps to know you’re serious?
I suggest you go home and study Larry Graham

I’m not bragging that we’re better than you
(although deep down inside, you know that it’s true
and the thought it probably making you blue,
well ‘boo-hoo-hoo-hoo’ – we’re still better than you!)

Maybe there’s no hope for you (you weird little psychotic!s)
But here’s a list of shitf you can do...to get a clue
Don’t mess with Wooten and Watt
If you cross Carol Kaye she’s gonna kick your arse
Don’t even speak to Gail Ann Dorsey
Kim Deal, John Paul Jones and...introducing Joe Dart!

Get some blisters on your fingers, one on your thumb
Enjoy the endless power of low frequency fun
Music is the force that shows us we are all one
(even if you are dumb...’cause there’s always the drums!)

Angry little men are not born to be great,
They’re pent up little weasels - twisted with hate,
They certainly don’t like it when you laugh in the face
Of a ‘master race’ that can’t even play bass (HA HA HA!)
Track Name: PENCILS! (w/Toupé)
Up in my room I do my research
Asking the questions nobody asks
Like ‘why are there no photographs
Of satellites up in the sky?!’

It’s a plot – they’re lying to us
Making us stupid – it’s obvious
They’re using chemicals sprayed out of planes
To change the weather – to change our brains

I’ve read the reports. I’ve seen the movies.
Now I’m an expert in the melting point of steel
And I’ve got a blog – they know I I’m watching THEM
I must be a target. I’ll die for this TRUTH

CHEMTRAILS – they only fly at night!
CHEMTRAILS – they only fly at night!

Our rulers controlling us
All of the rage eating my guts
I know I’m right as I bathe in blue light
Don’t open my blinds – I open my MIND!

A polling card, raging in side
I go to vote to make the world right
I’m up to the booth [it’s my first time here]
But what’s this I see lying right there?

PENCILS! Erasable pencils!
PENCILS! Erasable pencils!

ISHOULDABROUGHTAPEN! You can’t erase a pen!
Track Name: Everything's Fine! (w/Looptron)
My friends tonight we have nothing to fear
As long as we have fairylights, ukuleles, vegan snacks
White privilege...and beards.
I won’t dare to talk about politics,
I won’t get in your face.
For fear of losing a customer...for fear of losing a friend:
This is a safe space.

Whilst the world outside is getting out of hand
We will fight it by being quite bland.

We’ll pretend we live in soft focus, everything is great,
Like we live in an advert for a bank account
Or posh cinema chain.

While the global temperatures continue to rise
We’ll die singing: ‘Everything’s fine!’

Butterflies and rainbows and unicorns
Will save us, alright!
I wouldn’t dare to say something meaningful
And ruin your night
As the darkness of lies from the mad men continues to fall
I’ll sing: doo-doo-doo, everything’s fine!
And say nothing at all.

I’ll sing: doo-doo-doo, everything’s fine!
And say nothing at all.