8​/​40: ALL THE RAGE

by Grant Sharkey



I was handed some information not long after the EU Referendum. That information was RUPERT MURDOCH'S SUPER SECRET LONDON HOME ADDRESS!

Apparently, he's spent a lot of time and money keeping this address out of sight (probably because it's in central London, next to a public space so not easy to defend with armed guards and such). It seemed only right to do something fun with it. So...

I have taken this address and written it in to ALL of the songs on this new album.

NOTE: I'm not asking for anyone to be violent towards this address or endanger the people that work/live there. We're better than that. The role is to give his bumhole a little twitch of fear - something he's been doing to our loved ones for 40+ years.

I've decided to act as much like Mr. Murdoch's media-empire during the writing of this album. I haven't done much fact checking, although I trust my source. I've dressed him up as a predatory paedophile, I've brought his private life in to it, I've painted him as a terrorist recruitment officer. All the tools he's used to make a sensational, fictional world full of pious hero/cowards roaming around a world full of blood-thirsty enemies with personal agendas against them.

Is what I'm doing a crime? Yes. "HE WILL KILL YOU!"

I'm committing Invasion of Privacy and, if he's taking himself too seriously, Defamation of Character. Either way, I'm doing this to provoke a reaction he cannot avoid. If he does nothing, packs up and moves, we'll see it. If he does something - sues me (I have no money), prosecutes me (I have nothing to lose) or kills me (I'm not sure he will, but nonetheless, this is the most common course people think he will take). Of course, there's another non-binary solution and that's he invites me to play at his house, we become good friends and I can influence him to be a little bit. less. sh*t.

"Why me? Why not just hand this stuff to Anonymous or Wikileaks."

I have to sell albums and play to audiences to stay alive. This is business.

I'm also in the lovely position of being a nobody. I have no power, I have no money, I have no influence. I'm not perfect by any means, I'm not hiding anything. I have debts I can't afford - but I'm trying, I'm not very good with authority and we all have a past that may not stand up to scrutiny of most tabloid journalists' moral compass. There's no doubt Mr. Murdoch's acolytes will attack me personally for doing this. I'm a citizen of the UK. I just sing songs and tell jokes.

"Who cares if Rupert Murdoch lives there?"

For those that don't know Rupert Murdoch is the guy that's brought you The Sun and The Times, he's the major controlling mind behind Sky News and Fox News in the US. He's Australian-born but now a U.S. citizen. He's the father of James and Lachlan Murdoch (among others) who are set to take over his empire (in fairness, James is the threat to the U.K., Lachlan is more involved with films and keeping his head down). Rupert is an ultra-conservative libertarian (less government, less rules, more business) and 85-years old. He denies climate change science. He's probably the furthest thing away from today's young people (who, through no action at all, will inherit whatever the hell we leave them) - but this also make Rupert Murdoch one of the largest threats to global survival in to the 21st Century. Worth approximately £12bn - he's one of the men responsible for paving the way for people like Trump to actually be a serious option for some of Mr. Murdoch's victims/viewers/readers.

He's very clever, with a few simple words he and his organisations can make you feel fear, rage and anger - he doesn't have to be in the room - he just has to dress things up so that we have a human, primal response to whatever he's said.

Like any good terrorist recruitment officer, he grooms the vulnerable and persistently pushes their brains until they begin to feel some sort of Stockholm Syndrome for their tormentors. These people are victims. Please don't hate them. He's after the one thing he cannot own...their vote.

He's made monsters out of Muslims, Europeans, the Poor and people who don't agree with his politics. He's responsible for supplying such 'solutions' to those problems as Michael Gove (journalist), Boris Johnson (journalist), Nigel Farage (investment banker) and Donald Trump (...). A week before the Conservative Party Conference, Murdoch met with my Prime Minister, Theresa May.

It is with these realisations that it became clear to me that we live in a HACKOCRACY.

A democracy is governed by the people (it's a Greek word and concept, so remember that when teaching 'British Values' in schools). A theocracy is a state governed by the religious orders. A Hackocracy is a state governed by tabloid outrage.

Instead of State Controlled Media - the UK and the US have become Media Controlled States. Our futures depend on how we deal with this situation.

"You're just a Remoaner!"

All this is because I am accepting of the EU Referendum result - it's not my preferred result but it is what it is. If we're going to 'take back control' I've decided to fight for a country doesn't become an isolated, intolerant and ugly little island of brain-washed victims of constant torment, as the rest of the world races away leaving us well and truly in the dark ages - socially, economically and culturally.

The task ahead of us is massive and the obstacles in the way are sturdy and ancient - however, it can be done. Sign up for more.

Off you go, Mr. Murdoch. Off you pop.


released November 5, 2016

Grant Sharkey - Double Bass, Bass, Piano, Vocals.




Grant Sharkey UK

No agents, no PR goons, no record company. Seeing how far me and my double bass will get in 20 years.

On a mission to release an album every 6 months between 2013 and 2033. 5 down, 35 to go.

RELEASE: 1st May and 5th November every year.
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